Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Compact Roof Prism Binocular Review

Are you a traveler? Do you want a completely waterproof and fog proof binocular for tough outdoor conditions? The Bushnell H2o Waterproof/Fogproof Compact Roof Prism Binocular is perfect among the best marine binoculars.

Interested? Let’s start the details.

Features of the Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular

Bushnell always comes up with amazing and useful features. According to the demand of the users, they design the Bushnell binocular. Let’s see what kind of features Bushnell H20 Waterproof Binocular provides.

Exterior and Design

Bushnell Waterproof /Fogproof binocular looks very strong and nice. It’s so comfortable to carry in hands. Because it’s fully armored with a soft textured rubber coating.

It’s 100 percent waterproof and fog-resistant. The tubes are O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled to keep away from water and prevent moisture.

Optics, Lens and Image quality

The Bushnell waterproof binocular is good under low light conditions. It carries  BaK 4 prisms and multi-coated optics which offer clear images with improved light transmission.

The Bak 4 prisms produce excellent viewing with super sharpness. The nearest focus point is at 12 feet. The device has an extended eye relief and it is 17mm.

Reasons to Buy Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular

  • Supreme sharp and vibrant color and clear images
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • Strong rubber armor
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Eye relief

If you want to see the review of Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binocular, watch this video.

The verdict of the Bushnell Waterproof Binoculars

No doubt that the Bushnell H2O Waterproof Binocular provides you the best hunting friendly features. The price is so reasonable to resist yourself from buying this binocular. Check the price.

There’s nothing left for us to do except to wish you good luck and happy shopping!

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Bushnell H2o Waterproof/Fogproof Porro Prism Binocular Review

Are you searching for top rated binoculars? Bushnell H20 Porro Prism Binocular is the best solution. Because it is both fog proof and waterproof binoculars.

Bushnell H2o Waterproof Binoculars Review


For those who love water viewing, Bushnell H20 Waterproof binocular will be a great companion. It is 100% waterproof. Even you can use this binocular in the winter season easily. Because it is fog proof also.

One of the best features of Bushnell Binocular is that the armoring provides a strong grip. Because the firm grip is also associated with shock-absorbing materials.

Moreover, the images are detailed and focused because of the BAK-4 prism glass and multiple coatings.

There is twist-up eyecup which protects the objective lenses from external damage during storage or transit.

What follows are some of the highlight specifications to consider:

  • Porro prism
  • Magnification: 7x
  • Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Lens diameter: 50 millimeters

According to some users, Bushnell waterproof binocular is slightly heavy. Also, it can’t be mounted on a tripod.

Final Verdict

I would like to ensure all the readers who follow tips from this review, you will end up with choosing binoculars that would not disappoint you.

There’s nothing left for us to do except to wish you good luck and happy shopping!

Classic Accessories Stormpro Boat Cover Reviews


Have you found the center console boat covers? Classic Accessories Stormpro Boat Cover is fitted best with center console style boats.

There is no problem with Classic Accessories Stormpro Boat Cover as the cover goes over the console very well.

Interested? Let’s start the details.

Classic Accessories StormPro T-top Roof Boat Cover



The boat cover is used heavy-duty 600D rated polyester fabric. The fabric is different from others. It is used for both long term storage and highway travel. The fabric repels moisture, heavy rainfall and snowfall. It also protects your color fading.

And you don’t need any support underneath to prevent water pooling.

The cover uses adjustable straps to tighten the cover. Besides, the straps are attached with quick-release buckles to secure the cover.

The boat cover includes a sack storage bag and an attractive warranty.

Reasons To Buy

  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Designed for center console boat
  • Includes storage bag and trailering straps

The only thing we don’t like is its poor quality support pole.

Our Recommendation

After doing research, our experts recommend the classic accessories storm pro boat cover for its special feature. It is specially designed for the center console boat. As it is designed for top-notch marine grade protection, you can use instead of Budge Boat Covers. And the price is so reasonable that you can not resist yourself.

Look at the customer reviews.

If you think about the price, you can read the pontoon boat cover reviews. You can use it in all season buying one time and very easy to clean.

Best rated boat covers are available here to know more information.

Icover Pontoon Boat Cover – Reviewed by Users


Is icover pontoon boat cover waterproof? Yes, it is. Among all the best-rated boat covers, icover Pontoon Boat Cover is different. The icover sells support pole separately.

Icover Pontoon Boat Cover Reviews

It is made of 300D PU coated fabric which makes this boat cover waterproof and tear-resistant. You can use icover boat cover in all seasons. And it is easy to clean. So, don’t worry.


This icover uses adjustable flaps at the stern for snug and custom fit. Moreover, it uses a transom flap that covers the tie-down area for extra protection.

To do the easy installation and quick release, icover provides an Integrated buckle and adjustable strap tightening system.

It allows extra accessories such as boarding ladder, spotlights, pedal seats. double stitch at all seams for longer-lasting use. Besides, icover allows storage bag and tie-down straps.

If you don’t like icover Pontoon Boat Cover, you will get your money back.

Reasons To Buy

  • 300D PU coated fabric
  • Money-back guarantee if you are not comfortable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Reasonable price

Users Recommendation

You can this icover pontoon boat cover for all season and the price is so reasonable. For your satisfaction, read the customer’s review.

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More information is available on the best boat cover material that can help you to take a boat-related decision.

Installing Outdoor Speakers

When you’re lying idle on your lawn hammock or having a backyard party, we have selected 12 best marine speakers which can be a good companion for you. With heavy beats and rhythms, they’ll certainly give lives to the party! But every good thing takes its toll on setting them up. And there is no exception with outdoor speakers as well.

In case you are new to this process, we’ve crafted a whole list of steps in this regard. Take a few minutes of break, and go through the whole process-

Step 1: Determining The Location – Outdoor Speakers

Before taking the first attempt to install an outdoor speaker, you need to figure out the right place. But, this might not be quite on your hands, as most of the speakers tell themselves about the type of place you should install it.

Based on the placement and location variation, there are a number of outdoor speakers. Have a look-

  • Wall of ceiling speakers.
  • Rock speakers.
  • In-ground speakers.

In general, the most useful kind is wall or ceiling speakers. So, we would pick that up for this discussion. Lawn, patio, outside wall, deck, etc are the right places for these sorts of outdoor speakers. Select the right place and move forward to the next step-

Step 2: Preparing The Opposite Sidewall

You are going to install the outdoor speaker right at the outer side of the wall. So, there will be drills and holes, creating dust and debris at the opposite side of the wall. So, take a drop cloth and cover the opposite floor of the wall. Make sure whatever comes out from the access holes, are caught onto the cloth.

Step 3: Create Wire-holes

Once you’re definitely with the right spot to set the speakers up, start drilling the wall to create holes to pass the wires. If you want to connect the connectors with a wall-mount power socket, you might drill the holes horizontally. But in case you want to take the wire to the floor, you have to drill angled holes.

Step 4: Make Both Ends Meet

What we mean is, you need to make sure that the drilled holes have an equal size of openings on both sides of the wall. In order to do that, you might try drilling holes from both sides in the same direction. But the best idea would be to drill with a machine that reaches all the way down to the other end of the wall. Otherwise, it’s going to take a whole lot of guesswork.

Step 5: Passing Power and Audio Cable Through The Hole

Once you’re done with making a properly accessible hole, it’s time to pass the essential wires through it. If the wall is made of wood, that might not be a tough task to go through. But if it’s a cement wall, you might need some extra help.

What you can do is, you can take a strong but thin stick as a medium. Tying up the wires with the stick will help you to take the wires all the way through the wall holes. Make sure to take both the power wires and the audio input jack at the same time.

Step 6: Create Covers – Access Hole

No matter you’ve created one access hole or two, you just need to ensure that they are covered in a proper manner. What’s in the process of covering? Well, you can use a plastic or metal made blank in the first place. This will secure the holding of the outdoor speakers as well.

To create even further insulation, you can use a silica gun to create a waterproof, air-tight seal on the holes. While applying the silica get, make it certain that the wires are not harmed at all.

Step 7: Enough Extra Cable

Although you should be careful at this point before, you might have made it checked already. We are talking about keeping enough of the extra cable inside the wall. Now, how long of the cable you have to keep inside? A rule of thumb is, keep that much length of cable through which you can create at least a few drip loops.

Drip look is a U-shaped jog on the cable that you can make between the wall surface and the speaker terminals. Drip loops help to run the water(from outside) down to the cable and drip off the bottom of the loop.

Step 8: Staple Down The Wire Run

Of course, your wires are going to be twisted and messed up unless you staple them up. Also, tangled and loosely hung wires can be a source of accidents. Use a heavy-duty staple gun to square off the whole wiring. Make the stapling at the equal interval and keep any kind of strain off the system.

Step 9: Housing Your Speakers

We are almost at the end of our process. By now, you should be done with all the hassles regarded to wiring. Now, take the speakers and make a proper housing for it. Make sure to keep it in such a space where it’s protected from dust and rain.

Step 10: Double-check Your Connections & Power up Outdoor Speakers

The final step is to power up the whole system. In case you have not checked the wire connections by now, make sure to check them once again. Don’t let any loose connection or loose stapling stay as they are. Use sealants like silica wherever you can. And if possible, stick the whole wire system to the wall. In this way, it won’t create any extra tangling or loops on the floor.

The process that we’ve narrated was for AC powered speakers. If you want to avoid all these hassles regarding wiring, you can move one step forward for portable outdoor speakers. They might not give you the best bass and boost of music, but the installation process is, of course, simpler and quicker.

Good luck and enjoy reading our helpful reviews!


MSC Waterproof Boat Cover (Reviewed By Experts)


Why do you need a boat cover? In essence, boat cover acts like a bank which ensures the security for your boat like your money.

If you want to enjoy your pastime with your family on the water, your boat is the best choice during the summer. But who is going to take care of your boat in other seasons as it uses during the summer? MSC Boat Cover is the best solution.

Among the fishing boat covers why MSC Waterproof Cover is better? In this review, I am going to talk about my personal experience, the customers who have purchased & the features of MSC Boat Cover.

What People Had To Say about MSC Heavy-duty Waterproof Boat Cover

We are thrilled to file that the majority of customers had interesting things to say about the boat cover.

I purchased MSC Boat Cover for my 1994 Bayliner 1850LS boat. The quality of the product was impressive and the fit was superb.  It was double-stitched and medium weight material. It also came with all of the quick-release buckles for the tie-downs.

People appreciated the MSC Waterproof Boat Cover for its water repellent inner lining. It kept the inside of the boat nice and dry when it snowed and rained.

Other people also liked the heavy-duty elastic band and  9-10 adjustable straps which made it easy to get a good fit on their boat.

The other one preferred the black one which had zero fading in the sun and weather. On the contrary, the blue colored cover was the color staining and having fading issues.

MSC Heavy Duty 600D Boat Cover Reviews

The MSC Boat Cover is made of marine-grade polyester canvas with double PU coating to make it very tough. There are UV-coating and mildew resistance of the fabric material which ensures the cover never shrink or stretch. It has six different sizes and colors which make MSC Boat Covers identical.



This boat cover has been designed for long term storage, mooring, or highway travel. It is waterproof and durable. It has 2 years of warranty that makes the MSC BOAT COVER amazing.


The elastic cord is sewn into the bottom to furnish a tight and customized fit
Adjustable straps and storage bag
Marine Grade polyester
Canvas is UV- coated which resist the cover to shrink

MSC Boat Cover – Our Recommendation

We recommend the MSC BOAT COVER not only for amazing features but also for a reasonable price. Apart from the color issue, everything is positive to talk on behalf of that boat cover. The most positive thing is that it has water penetration.Read more customer’s review.

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There’s nothing left for us to do except to wish you good luck to find a best place to buy boat covers and happy shopping!