How To Make A Boat Cover Support System


How To Make A Boat Cover Support System

Why do we need boat covers exactly? It’s needed for seasons in which we don’t use our boats, but have to store them and their contents safely.

For that, you need the best boat covers. Some boat covers come with support systems, but all of them don’t. But don’t worry, you can easily make your own with a few DIY tricks. So, right now, I’ll show you how to make a boat cover support system in different ways.

So without further ado, let’s get the show on the road!

Steps to Build Your Own Boat Cover Support System

Here are the steps to make your own boat cover support system. If you follow these steps properly, you shouldn’t come across any problems.

Step 1: First off, you need to measure the portions of the boat, such as its length, width, and height from certain points.

One of the important measurements you need is the length from the wall of the splash-well to the windshield. This measurement is needed for the ridge support, and this requires a very long piece of PVC pipes or poles or any other material you’re using.

Then measure the height from the cockpit deck to the windshield top. This one’s needed for the vertical support, which will need medium length pipes or poles.

Step 2: Fit the ridge supports pipe together and install them into the fitting. And insert the vertical supports to the vertical outlets. While fitting this all, make sure the vertical supports are perpendicular to the ridge support in the form of a “T”. Adjust this frame to your boat.

Step 3: Along this frame, align your tarp or cover and attach them with cords or straps and tuck it under your boat, so it stays completely covered enough to not allow a gust of wind to blow it off.

PVC Boat Cover Support

Some people like making PVC pipe boat cover frames as a support system. With PVC pipes, you can make a type of tent-shaped cover support system for your boat. It’s the most common type people go for when making their own cover support systems.

PVC Boat Cover Support for Your Boat Covers


You can just use a cheap set of PVC pipes of 1.5 inches, which should be enough. Buy these along with the fittings and have the ends of the pipes capped off. Attach six of these pipe tubes across the boat.

They should be placed side by side with some going down each of those sides and the long one going down the middle to form the structure of a tent.

Sadly, PVC pipes end up being weak when the temperature gets too cold or when it’s exposed to the Sun’s UV rays. But still, some folks prefer the PVC pipes because they at least make a better framework than lumber. They can handle climate stresses better than wood, and they bend easier.

Boat Cover Support Pole DIY

Here are some of the finest cover support DIY for you.

  • Boat Poles

Boat Pole For Boat Cover Support System

To make boat cover support poles by yourself, you can try the poles found in Walmart’s boat aisle. You could even try their shower curtain rods the same way. But after a year or two, this pole support system might fall apart eventually.

  • Painting Poles

Painting Pole for Boat Cover Support System

Try buying those expandable painting poles we use to paint the house. All you need to do is put tennis balls at the end of the poles. It’s also a pretty cheap and easy DIY for a good boat cover support idea.

  • Mop Poles

Mop Pole For Boat Cover Support System

You can do the tennis ball trick with old sponge mop poles too. And you just have to fix the balls on the end of the mop’s pole after you’ve removed the sponge head part of the mop.

  • Welded Poles

Welded Pole For Boat Cover Support System

The best boat cover support system under the pole idea is the welded steel pole one. This one requires a bit more elbow grease because you need to do some welding on the equipment you’ll be using. At least this method ensures more security, strength, and longevity compared to the PVC pipe idea.

To start off, you need to weld steel poles onto some car rims, which you saved up to recycle for situations like these. Make the piece in a way so that it goes across the top of your boat, making sure the sides of the cover will let the rainwater pour right off.

Homemade Boat Cover Bows

Cover bows are needed to put up the cover like a tent. This is done to stop raining from flooding in the boat.

Homemade Boat Cover Bow For Boat Cover Support System

  1. To make homemade bows, you’ll need to raise the stern part of the cover higher by a couple more feet.
  2. After that, you put pieces of the broomstick, which are 2 feet long into rod holders.
  3. Take a piece of PVC pipe with a width of 2 inches and make a 90-degree bend at the ends to install them over the broomsticks.
  4. Then easily hold up the cover on this bow to create the shed from water.

Boat Tarp Support System

After all the parts of the support system are made and put up or installed onto the boat’s body, the only thing left is to put your tarp all over and fasten it firmly.

Boat Tarp For Boat Cover Support System


You can either do this with ropes, straps, or cords. Bungee straps and cords are best for places with warm temperatures and also on windy days to keep the tarp closed from letting air and dust in.

Even with all the straps, it’s good to use the rope at all the eyelets of the tarp to prevent the weight of rain or snow tearing through the tarp. Then you can use your durable Seamander boat cover and UV resistant Budge boat cover.

 Final Words

If you have a boat that has expensive parts in it like wooden floors, an aluminum exterior, swivel seats, or any other custom feature that you want to protect from the rain, snow, or dust, then you need a boat cover system to protect them.

And you should definitely try the methods above to make your own boat cover support system. You can read this article to know more about support for a boat cover.

More information is available on the best boat cover fabric and best custom boat covers.

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