Outdoor Speaker Wire 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

An outdoor music system is a great idea for homes with large gardens and areas for outdoor entertaining. You can set up a place to play music for a pool party or an outdoor screen for movies. All good outdoor entertainment systems need strong, clear speakers to project the sound consistently. However, this is easier said than done without the right equipment.

You could set up a battery-powered PA system and risk power outages, or you can wire up some speakers with outdoor speaker wire.  Outdoor speaker wire is a tough, weatherproof wire of a high quality that brings a consistent source of power to your speakers.

This way you can play music and other entertainment for as long as you need to outdoors. It hooks up between the media player and the speaker for clear sound projection. Feed it from a system in the house through the garden to conveniently placed speakers.

Making sure that this outdoor speaker wire really can go outdoors. You will find that there are some products sold as outdoor models that are actually not as suitable for outdoor use as promised. Some won’t have the flexibility or length to handle a speaker system that stretches out into the garden or decking areas.

Others have flaws in the weatherproofing that mean that they aren’t necessarily the safest option around.  Check customer reviews online before deciding on a final product.

Don’t choose a spool of speaker wire based on the specification alone. Some will sound great on paper but will then disappoint when it comes to setting up the speaker system. That is why it is so important to check the user reviews of previous buyers.

You will find that some products don’t have that level of reliability expected or may have faulty connections. Others may be far too complicated to figure out due to a lack of instructions or color-coding. Then there are those warnings from users not to use the wire outside at all.

Each of the products below can offer some if not all of these benefits. Yet, they also tend to have a few potential downsides to consider. Compare your options carefully to find the right speakers wire for your needs.

1) Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire

Mediabridge 14AWG 2-Conductor Speaker Wire


This first option over 100 Feet of wire with a typical spool system. Many users are happy enough with the high strand count of the copper clad aluminum wire – which is 0.254mm 41. There are also promises that the clear jacket is waterproof, insulating, strong and flexible. Buyers tend to agree here. But, there are some cases of users not getting as much as they expected on the spool.


1) It is colored coded for ease of use.

2) Compatible with banana plugs, spade tips or bent pin.

3) Sequential foot markings cons.


1) There is a risk of sun damage with this wire because it is transparent.

2) Some users received offcuts, not one continual 100ft line.

Should you use this outside? This has potential in the right areas, such as if it is buried. But, there are limitations with the transparency and the use of CCA over the sometimes preferable OFC wire.

2) Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor 100ft Speaker Wire


Mediabridge 16AWG 2-Conductor 100ft Speaker Wire


There are some features here that immediately stand out compared to the Mediabridge option above. There is a higher gauge, a better strand count at 66 x 0.16mm and the upgrade to OFC wire. There are also the same connectivity and installation benefits as the model above with the quality and the color-coded wire.

This time the speaker wire is white, so there is less risk of sun damage.


1) The improvements to the jacket.

2) The higher strand count in OFC.

3) The higher gaugeThe.


1) The jacket is a little difficult to strip away.

2) The markings can also be a bit difficult to read.

Should you use this outdoors? This speaker wire is preferable because of improved protection and quality. You do have to pay more for the privilege, but it is worth it in the end.

3) 14AWG GearIT Pro Series White 500ft Speaker Wire

14AWG GearIT Pro Series White 500ft Speaker Wire


The next two products both come from the same range, so share very similar features, as well as their pros and cons. Here we are back to that cheaper CCA wire again, which can cause issues with durability. The white speaker wire reaches 500ft so there is more than enough to go around.


1) There is the same high strand count as the model above.

2) The wire is pretty flexible and reliable.

3) The jacket is easily stripped for connections.


1) There are some comments about the wire being too brittle.

2) There are also some of the same issues with the length.

Should you use this outdoors? This speaker wire typically offers good sound quality and reliability at a low cost. The problem is that it doesn’t have the strength and quality of some of the OFC options.

4)14AWG GearIT Pro Series Black 100ft Speaker Wire14AWG GearIT Pro Series Black 100ft Speaker Wire


This option is immediately noticeably different from the shorter 100ft length and the black jacket. This may be preferable for those with smaller distances to cover. The 3.5 x7 diameter has black and white color coding and many of the same basic features as before. This means the same quality of wire over this shorter distance.


1) The use of sequential foot markings and colour coding.

2) The flexible insulated jacket on the ware.

3) An easy installation process.


1) The same lower-quality material in the wire.

2) The risk of breakages.

Should you use this outdoors? The pros and cons are pretty much the same as the speaker wire above. The tough jacket definitely has its benefits but there are corners cut in quality to lower the price tag.

5)14 AWG CL3 OFC Outdoor Speaker Wire

14 AWG CL3 GearIT Pro Series 14 Gauge OFC Outdoor Speaker Wire


The third of our choices from GearIT is a lot different in terms of features, quality, and purpose. The first major difference here is that there is the OFC wire instead of the CCA wire. Then there is the fact that this is rated as a direct burial option.

This can limit applications and add to the work during installations. The speaker wire runs for 250 feet, making it a good compromise between the smaller and larger spools.


1) The use of the OFC wire for more clarity.

2) The practical size/length for many users.

3) The protections for direct burial.


1) Direct burial won’t work for everyone.

2) Some find that the wire is too tough and inflexible wire.

Should you use this outdoors? This outdoor speaker wire could cause problems for those that want a simple installation process. Yet, the tough wire and the higher clarity are both important selling points.

6) OSD 12 Gauge 2-Conductor 500ft Speaker Wire

OSD CL3 Rated 12 Gauge 2-Conductor 500FT Speaker Wire


This next option ticks a lot of the right boxes for buyers. Here there is the preferred OFC wire instead of the CCA wire. There is also a lot of it with a decent strand count of 41. Generally, quality and protections are pretty good.

However, consumers need to be aware that this is sold as a direct burial wire, which might not suit the purpose for everyone.


1) A good quality wire with that strand count and OFC.

2) Not too difficult to use.

3) UV resistant cladding.


1) Direct burial isn’t for everyone.

2) The casing is not as thick as some expected.

Should you use it outdoors? There are more protections here than some other wires. But, it is best to keep this a direct burial option. If this is too inconvenient, especially with 500ft, look elsewhere.

7) OSD 14 Gauge 2-Conductor 500ft Speaker Wire

) OSD 14 Gauge 2-Conductor 500FT Speaker Wire


This next product is an alternative to the one avoid for those that want a higher gauge. You get that extra sense of reliability for a little more money. Otherwise, the main features are the same. There is the pure OFC wire with the direct burial application.

There are also many of the same protections, such as high resistance against UV, chemical damage, low temperature. Yet, there are also the same issues.


1) The stronger gauge.

2) The long length and consistency of the wire.

3) The protective elements.


1) The installation process.

2) The same problems with the casing.

Should you use it outdoors? The same ideas apply here. There are issues for those that want something short and with manual labor. But, there is no denying the quality and worth of the wire after installation.

8) AmazonBasics 12-Gauge Audio Speaker Wire

AmazonBasics 12-Gauge Audio Speaker Wire


The AmazonBasics range is one where you never really know the quality of the product you get. Some products are too basic for long-term use. Others have impressive features for the price point. This 12-gauge speaker wire is a little of both. There is a high-quality 200ft wire with helpful extras. But, it doesn’t go far enough for everyone.


1) The wire is 99.9% OFC rather than the CCA expected.

2) It is color-coded in red and black to create clearer polarity.

3) it seems to be durable yet flexible with the white insulated exterior jacket.


1) An unclear rating.

2) Also unclear how well it will hold up outdoors.

Should you use this outdoors? It is understandable why some people are cautious to use this speaker wire with those rating issues. It is unclear just how durable it will be. But, there is a lot of affordable, high-quality wire here.

9) InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire

InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG 100ft Speaker Wire


By this point, the pros and cons of the CCA outdoor speaker wire products are very similar. There are some helpful features here in the color-coding, jacket and basic ease of use. There is also an affordable price tag for this smaller length. But, there are still issues with the fragility of the aluminum beneath the copper.


1) The two bold colours on the jacket.

2) The soft-touch cable is easy to use.

3) It is fairly reliable for sound clarity.


1) The fragile wire.

2) It is too cheap for some people.

Should you use it outdoors? There are issues here in that the speaker wire seems fine for outdoor use – but users need to be careful with the connections. In the right situation, and with some care, the oudoor speaker wire could still prove useful.

10) Next 14-2 CL3 500ft Speaker Wire

Next 14-2 CL3 500ft Speaker Wire


This last option is another that is CL3 rated for use in the wall or as an outdoor speaker wire through direct burial. There is 500ft of this OFC and there is a much higher strand count of 105 One of the most interesting features here is the cardboard box with the patented wind rather than the spool. This is meant to help users avoid kinks and tangles. It also looks better than a spool.


1) The use of foot markers and room labels for the organisation.

2) The additional ripcord on the jacket for termination.

3) The design of that box.


1) The same issues with the installation process.

2) not made for sun or weather exposure.

Should you use this outdoors? The simple answer here is yes, but only if you are prepared to bury the outdoor speaker wire. Otherwise, there isn’t enough protection. The quality and clarity provided do make this all worth the effort.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Outdoor Speaker Wire

There are many features to look at when choosing the best outdoor speaker wire for your needs. These spools may all look the same at first, but they can have a very different specification. Think about the following when choosing a speaker wire for your home.

1) the length of the wire2) the materials used3) the strand count4) the weatherproofing5) the flexibility6) the ease of use.

Outdoor Speaker Wire

  • The materials used:  There are two types of material used in these products. The first is  CCA wire(Copper Coated Aluminium) This is cheaper and lighter, which means a more affordable spool. Yet, there are durability issues and some question the reliability. The alternative is the more expensive OFC wire (Oxygen Free Copper). This is pure copper, which should mean improved clarity and quality for longer life.
  • The strand count: The more strands there are in the wire, the better the outcome for clarity and reliability in your outdoor speaker wire. Some cheaper options will have fewer strands. The specifications should indicate the number of strands per wire.
  • The weatherproofing: If your speaker wire is to stay out of the ground, it needs to be functional in all weather. That means protection from sun damage and waterproofing. Not all high-end wire does this, which is where some use direct burial methods.
  • The flexibility: The speaker wire needs to unroll from the spool without creating any kinks or tangles. It also needs to be flexible enough to be fitted and laid in the right place. Some can be quite tough if the jacket is too thick. A thick, stiff jacket is also a problem when cutting and stripping wire to connect to the speaker.
  • The ease of use: Speaker wire shouldn’t be complicated to use. But, it helps if brands add some extra features to shorten the installation time and eliminate confusion. Examples here include the foot markers on the speaker wire and the color-coding.

Finding The Best Outdoor Speaker Wire For Your Needs

The best products for long-term outdoor use tend to be those that embrace the OFC wire instead of the CCA. This means a stronger, clearer wire that will hold up for longer. When there is also a high strand count, plenty of weatherproofing and a good gauge, you have a decent product.

Direct burial options can have their uses in the right situation. CCA can still work well for those that are careful and want to save some money.

In the end, you need to think about the location of your speakers, your expectations for sound quality and your views on manual labor. This will shape your decision on the product you choose. Choose carefully because there are so many small variables in one brand. Take your time and pick something user-friendly and reliable enough for you.

There’s nothing left for us to do except to wish you good luck and happy shopping!


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